Stop Wasting Money on Greedy Marketing Agencies

Small Business owners are being robbed by marketing vultures! 

Marketing agencies will happily fleece you of thousands of dollars per month for simple onetime tasks. Small independant business owners have been victim to this for far too long, and it is about time we say STOP! 

You can beat these ruthless marketers at their own game, we provide you with a full set of automated marketing tools for free with every membership to Teezey Artisan Marketing Guild. With our full marketing suite, you will easily see how you can save your hard-earned cash and be in control of your own marketing - EVERY DAY!

Become an Artisan Marketing Ninja for your own Business!

Marketing your own business is not rocket science or magic, in fact most marketing agencies follow very simple marketing strategies, using tools readily available to anyone. This enables the agency to be able to replicate winning strategies quite effortlessly while commanding top dollar fees.

Most small business owners are not aware of these simple strategies and tools to automate these processes, they are therefore at the mercy of the agencies to do their marketing for them, often time at exorbitant prices.

But what if I told you, that you can become your own Artisan Marketing Ninja with the help of the exact same software those agencies are using to fleece you? 

- Wouldn't you say it is time to turn the tide?

Yes I know it sounds too good to be true. But we came up with a list of essential programs marketing agencies are using to get massive results in the shortest possible time-frame, and then then negotiated heavy group discounts for our Artisan Marketing Ninjas. 

This means that we are now able to create accounts on these platforms - just for you!

Teezey is your brand new all-in-one marketing suite

Marketing does not have to be overly time consuming or difficult. We will hold your hand through the marketing jungle, and give you simple step by step guides, that are bound to boost your revenue. Some of these steps can be completed in as little as 30 minutes. This means that by investing 30 minutes in your own marketing, you can be reaping the benefits for months to come.

Some guides are, of course, a little more complex. Take your time and follow the guides at your own speed. By following the guides and using the free professional tools we offer to you as part of your membership here, you can save a huge amount of money on simple tasks you would normally hire an agency to do - Oh, and you are bound to learn some new cool skills and thought processes as an added bonus.

Streamline Your Social Media Marketing

Powerful social media management strategies and the tools to set everything up in advance and save your time for something more interesting.

Automated Reputation Management

Collecting high-quality customer reviews is no longer a painful game of cat and mouse with our set-and-forget review management engine.

Chat Marketing Made Easy

Build relationships with your customers through interactive chat messages. You can also pre-qualify customers  or even take orders through chatbots.

Simple Step by Step Guides to Success

Teezey marketing guides are simple to follow, they teach you how to achieve maximum revenue gain and exposure for your business with minimum effort. 

Meet Your New Marketing Secret Sauce!

$79 / month
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The King of Social Media And Content Marketing
This award-winning social media marketing tool is the jewel in the crown of any social media manager. using this tool, you can automatically find and schedule content for your social media pages. This will save oceans of time and make sure your posts are published at the right time for maximum engagement.
Your price: Included free in your Teezey membership!
$199 / month
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Easily Engage your Customers with this Rated Visual Chatbot Builder
Visual chatbot builder for non-tech people, ActiveChat will help you engage with customers through Messenger, Website Chat Widget, Telegram Messenger and SMS Messages. This chatbot builder is truly multi-channel and gives you an innovative edge in communication and customer relations.
Your price: Included free in your Teezey membership!
$49 / month
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Collect High Quality Reviews on Autopilot
Endorsal has taken the small business world with a storm, their intuitive software makes it dead-easy to collect high quality reviews for your business. Reviews are the lifeblood of any local business, and we all know how much work it is to consistently collect high quality testimonials. Endorsal automates the process and even makes a "Wall of Love" you can easily install on your own website if you have one.
Your price: Included free in your Teezey membership!
$199 / month
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Teezey Artisan Marketing Guild
This is our private ever-expanding knowledge base of small business marketing tips and tricks. plus a community where you can ask marketing related questions. We have experts in everything from Facebook advertising to SEO who will be happy to answer questions and help you achieve your goals. This is where you find the secret sauce to really boost your marketing efforts.  
Your price: Included free in your Teezey membership!
Very Limited Time Offer During our Launch Period!

Teezey Artisan Marketing Guild is offering you 50% off during our launch. Only the first 50 members will be grandfathered in at this incredibly low price. This special introductionary price, does not even cover the price of each of our tools individually, let alone the insane value of having marketing experts give you specific advice regarding your business.

Act Now to get in TODAY and lock in the lowest possible rate forever!
Teezey Artisan Marketing Guild
Monthly Membership
By locking in your monthly membership today, you are grand-fathered in at this price for as long as you keep your membership active!
normally $197/Month
SAVE $100 / Month FOREVER!!!
$97 monthly
Teezey Artisan Marketing Guild
Yearly Membership
By locking in your yearly membership today, you are grand-fathered in at this price for as long as you keep your membership active!
normally $2364/Year
SAVE $1464 TODAY!!!
$897 Year
Get Started Now!
Best value!
Join Teezey Artisan Marketing Guild and boost sales on demand
You can easily drive more sales with your new arsenal of professional marketing tools combined with our friendly local business marketing community. We are ready to answer your marketing questions and help you boost your business.

Join  The Ultimate Artisan Marketing Guild!

Don't miss this opportunity to join the fellowship of small business owners making a difference for themselves and each other!
This is SO exciting, never before has ContentStudio, ActiveChat and Endorsal been offered in one affordable package. But that is not all, once you enter the inner sanctum of our artisan marketing guild, you will find precise guides on how to utilize these new weapons of mass destruction for your business. 

Besides the 3 major programs included in your membership to the artisan marketing guild, we have also collected other scripts, guides and video courses to really help you get the most out of your marketing journey. We have left no stone unturned, and when you put in the time, you are guaranteed to see results.
Catapult your business to the next level
With this Incredibly Powerful Suite of Professional software, you will be able to do almost everything a mid-range marketing agency does for small independant business owners. But the best part is, that you will be able to do this for a mere fraction of the cost.

Take control of YOUR marketing... today!

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